When used in the right way coaching is a powerful method. In this training course you will experience the difference with other guiding methods and get acquainted with the basic skills for coaching. During the training you will decide how to apply coaching as a tool in (the guiding of) non-formal learning in your work.

Target group
• Adult education staff
• Adult education trainers
• Adult education developers

• discover the power of coaching as guiding style in learning processes
• learn the basic coaching skills
• awareness of the competences of a coach
• learning styles and coaching tools
• experience the power of coaching as non-formal learning method for individuals and groups

Highlights of the program
• what is coaching
• basic skills of a coach
• coaching and non-formal learning
• coaching tools and techniques

Day to day
Day 1
Introduction to the program, the trainers and participants
Personal Action Plan
What is coaching
Difference with other guiding methods

Day 2
Basic skills of a coach
Coaching and non-formal learning

Day 3
Learning, learning styles
Coaching tools and techniques

Day 4
Structure of an interview
Choosing the right tool depending the ability of the learner

Day 5
Evaluation as training tool• structure of an interview